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Report Shows Large Social Gaps for Certain AANHPI Subgroups Including High Rates of Uninsurance

This report analyzed data on select social determinants (insurance, language, nativity, education, economic status) that impact participation and enrollment in the ACA for AANHPIs, focusing on Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Pakistani, and Vietnamese Americans. The study also reviewed online in-language resources on ACA that were available to these six Asian American ethnic groups from federal, state, private, and community organizations.

Read about the findings here in the full report.


21st Century Medicine: A New Calling For Physicians

Health care delivery systems in the United States are undergoing rapid transformation as we move forward into the 21st century. Health plans are preparing to compete for 30 million new members who will be eligible for health insurance in state exchanges beginning January 2014. Hospitals and physicians are continuing their transition to electronic health records and are increasingly exchanging health information with each other. Primary care physicians and community health centers are enhancing access and coordination for their patients by establishing medical homes. Hospitals are improving patient safety and transitions of care when discharging patients from their hospitals. Physicians and hospitals are forming partnerships through accountable care organizations to take responsibility for improving quality and reducing costs. Health care teams and physician extenders are assuming greater responsibility for coordinating and managing health care for patients.


AANHPI Diabetes Coalition 2014 Report

From the "Asian BMI" issue and associated masking of the real risk Asian Americans have of developing diabetes, to the highest diabetes rates in the world occurring within Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations both within and outside the mainland United States, researchers and policy makers came together to move the mission of the AANHPI Diabetes Coalition forward: increasing awareness and advancing the study and treatment of diabetes among AANHPI populations. Download the report and presentations...


Lend us your Voice

Join our network and become a part of a powerful voice of AANHPI physician leaders. Become an NCAPIP Supporter or Affiliate and lend us your voice. We have achieved many successes because of supporters and affiliates like you. This year we have been successful in raising awareness of the high prevalence of diabetes within our communities. The AANHPI Diabetes Coalition, that we staff, brought a discussion of Asian BMI to national thought leaders and policymakers. We convened roundtable discussions to develop plans to eliminate health disparities and helped launched the first ever health assessment of the six Pacific Jurisdictions with a special focus on chronic diseases and diabetes.

In 2013, we began a long term partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges. Over the next few years we are planning to launch workforce programs to support our medical students from underrepresented communities, increase the cultural competence of all future physicians and their capacity and commitment to address health disparities and practice in medically underserved communities, increase and develop AANHPI faculty and researchers engaged in academic medicine and much more.

We remain a strong voice in Washington, DC. Policymakers and the White House turn to us to better understand the impact of health policies and we bring your voice and your stories to them. We are brought to the table for discussions on key issues that impact physicians and the patients they serve. We are trusted leaders that bring a physicians voice to advocate on behalf of and with our patients.

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The National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians (NCAPIP) is comprised of over 8,000 physician advocates across the U.S.

As an affiliate of NCAPIP, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your legislators and administration officials about issues critical to your practice, learn about upcoming NCAPIP campaigns and become part of a powerful voice standing up for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander patients and communities.

Our affiliates work with NCAPIP and each other to advance optimal health for their patients and their community. Take action and lend us your voice. Join NCAPIP today.


Join our network and become a part of a powerful voice of AANHPI physician leaders.
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