Medical Billing & Coding and Understanding the ACA

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MB& is a great source for vital information on medical billing and coding. The videos and downloadable materials you’ll find on MB& will help you learn the basics of medical billing and coding at your own pace, and they’ll prepare you for whatever formal training you pursue.

MB&CC explains basic vocabulary, concepts, and principles that guide the billing and coding professions. Whether it’s the organization of a certain code manual or the regulations that govern the creation of a medical claim, MB&CC is here to help you get your footing in this exciting and lucrative field.
MB&CC also provides some very good guides for understanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid, and even navigating healthcare for the uninsured.
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The Impact of the ACA on Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Pakistani, & Vietnamese Americans

NCAPIP ACA Resource Center Page

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Here you will find the NCAPIP Resource Center, created to connect physicians and consumers with valuable information on the Health Insurance Marketplaces and the ACA, including educational videos.

See the video: Covered California Basics for Physicians and Patients here.

Covered California News Center

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The Covered California News Center is Covered California's blog, detailing resolutions, actions, and coverage of the health insurance marketplace, particularly as they effect consumers in California.